Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Fever! Catch it! (WARNING: may cause spousal irritation)

Match Day 8- Tequila all around!

I'm keeping today's post brief again as the baby furniture has taken me out to the woodshed.

Can't get traction? Get Reaction Traction! REACT!

In this crazy game, some things you can predict and some you can't. For instance, the red card in the Nigeria v. Greece game changed the entire complexion of the match. Nigeria were handling their business, and then boom, one poor decision and one atrociously over-acted fall to the turf later and Nigeria is in a state of urgency. This isn't to say that Greece may not have one without the man advantage, but the reality is that Greece took the edge that was given them and finished the other team. Now Nigeria is in a terrible hole. Not impossible, but an terrible climb out.

Argentina looked scary, scary good and made a really good team look bad. Lionel Messi was a juggernaut and created virtually all of the goal scoring chances for his team. Despite the lack of a goal he is player of the tournament so far. South Korea has their work cut out for them, but they should match up well against Nigeria. A draw may get them in, but I think leaving it up to the odds like that would be irresponsible. Thankfully I don't think Korea will let it go to that.

Let's go Mexico! France looked directionless and got taken apart by a Mexico team that played a consistent match and didn't let their emotions get the best of them. Future Manchester United prospect Javier Hernandez finished some family business by scoring the winning goal against France just like his grand father did years back, but in his grandfather's case a losing effort. Now Mexico and Uruguay only need a draw to advance so expect a picnic on the field in their next match.

Break yourself fool, it's time for previews!

Game 1: Germany v. Serbia.
Look for the German pain train to keep rolling as Serbia won't have much of an answer to the Deutsch attack. Lucas Podolski, and Miroslav Klose will be on point again as Klose inches closer to German legend Gerd Mueller's World Cup scoring record. Serbia's chances of reaching the second round are still within grasp, but require at least a draw tonight and a big game against Australia.

Best Guess: Germany 3-0 Serbia.
Unfortunately, I think Serbia's World Cup run essentially ends here as Germany just break them down.

Game 2: USA v. Slovenia.
I reserve the right to be wildly wrong as the I have my blinders on and all rationale and reason disappear. As Admiral Ackbar once said "It's a TRAP!". Actually Jeff Carlisle over at ESPN said that and I absolutely agree. It smells like a trap, it looks like a trap. Slovenia have already laid bait by saying they will win. The thing is, I don't know if Slovenia will really be pushing for a win. A draw tonight and a draw in the next game may be all they need to advance. What I can tell you is they are going to make the midfield a battleground with some physical play that will used to frustrate the US. The US recognizes that this game is a must win in to ensure both the second round and the continuing race to win first place in the group. Expect the US to have compensated for the first game's flustered start by locking things down right away. This game will come down to the counter attack as the US pushes to win and then responds to Slovenia's retaliation.

Best guess: USA 2-0 Slovenia.
I already told you I have my blinders on. I think Slovenia can talk the talk, but the US will pop two in the net to make the Algeria game cleanup duty. The US played a much better game against a good team in England than Slovenia did against a mediocre team in Algeria.

Game 3: England v. Algeria.
If I'm still emotionally sound by the end of the USA game, I will try and stay up to watch this one. I think England rights the ship and takes Algeria apart. Now, that being said, Algeria has some crazy speed on the left wing where England may have trouble defending. I think Fabio Capello will make all the right adjustments to England's squad.

Best guess: England 3-0 Algeria
Rooney gets some real opportunities and makes the Algerian back line pray for UN intervention.

Now I'm going to go huddle in the corner until game time.

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