Friday, June 11, 2010

I love being wrong!

Mexico 1-1 South Africa

Yep, I was off on Mexico vs. South Africa. I don't mind a bit! South Africa played their hearts out and have no shame coming away with a draw. Their counter attacking was amazing and their passing was great. The first twenty minutes made it look like Mexico would break the game open at any time. They got careless and it cost them big. South Africa had speed and pace and only got better as the game went on and their confidence grew. Siphiwe Tshabalala's goal was an absolute thing of beauty. He took the kick in stride and crammed it into the the far post netting. It took everything mexico had just to get back in it. They had some bright spots such as the play of Giovani Dos Santos who had a couple of laser beams that just got stopped by the keeper. Blanco was pretty much a non factor as he did not start, subbed in at the 65' minute and proceeded to plod along as the game whizzed around him. Definitely not the form I expected from him.

This is what I love about the World Cup. So many moments like this are on their way. It is a non-stop month of inexplicable "I can't believe I just saw that moments".

Next up: Uruguay V. France- hide your wine and cheese!

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