Thursday, June 17, 2010

World Cup Fever! Catch it! (WARNING: may cause spousal irritation)

Match Day 7- Crepes or Breakfast Burrito, the choice you make could save your life...

I'm keeping this post brief as my day consisted of rearranging our guest room to receive new furniture and begin it's transformation into nursery HQ. My reaction to last night's early games is already up as I posted it immediately after the crazy end of Spain v. Switzerland.

Oh no! It's overheating, get everyone out of the reactor core now! REACTION!

Uruguay v. South Africa got pretty ugly. Uruguay didn't play as well as the 3 goal scoreline would indicate. Don't get me wrong, they took care of their work. They controlled the play, so certainly it still feels like a pretty good result when you consider that goal differential makes a huge difference should things end up in a tie at the end of the group stage. South Africa is in a hole right now, but that doesn't mean they can't turn it around. They'll need to cross their fingers while watching Mexico v. France, but they shouldn't despair just yet.

Predictions? We don't need no stinking predictions...

Game 1: Argentina v. South Korea.
This looks like a great game. Argentina will try and take full control of this group while simultaneously trying to put out the rolling inferno that is the South Korean team. Korea is already in the driver's seat on goal differential. I'm looking for Messi to have another great game with a bit more success in finishing.

Best guess: Argentina 2-1 South Korea.
Pick it up guys! We need some goals, and they better be pretty. I wanna see some bicycle kicks people! Think Rockettes!

Game 2: Greece v. Ni..zzzzzzzzz, hunh? what? oh, yeah..geria
That isn't on Nigeria, it's on the idea of this game dragging my level of interest into a deep dark pit and beating it to pulpy mess. On the whole Nigeria looked pretty good against Argentina. Their goalkeeper made some out-of-his-mind saves that have to give their entire team a mental boost. Greece opted to play physical ball against South Korea and they got burned for it. They won't be able to play that kind of game with a much more physically intimidating Nigerian side.

Best guess: Nigeria 1-0 Greece.
I see Nigeria rescuing a chance at the second round by shutting down a desperate Greek team.

Game 3: Mexico v. France. Viva La Revolucion! Wait... which one? Oh, I am so confused...
Both teams got some 'splainin to do Lucy. Mexico looked like they were going to rip South Africa apart for the first 20 minutes of the first game and then got turned upside down on the counter attack until the took a breath and got back to business. France just looks directionless with no one to guide them through. I know filling Zinedine Zidan'e shoes is an almost impossible task, but complaining about the noise of the vuvuzuelas ain't gonna rally the team. I'm looking at you Patrice Evra. You play for Manchester United and I know you have played in tougher conditions so suck it up and play some football.

Best guess: Mexico 2-1 France.
I'm picking Mexico in a mild upset as I'm not sure if France will pull it together to get out of the group stage.

I'm going to have a beer and cry over the impossible intricacies of baby furniture.

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