Monday, September 19, 2011

Xander's 1st Birthday

My son is one year old. Wow. It feel odd to think, let alone live it. Meg and I reminisced about the events of a year ago and how crazy the entire night seemed at the time. Meg says she doesn't even remember the pain, which is good for her, but I remember every second of it. We had a poor cab driver who took a wrong turn along the way which didn't ease his nerves of having a pregnant foreigner in his cab yelling at him to go faster. Xander showed up at 3:38AM. After a long 24 hours of contractions, pain, and anticipation, we had our little boy in our arms.

The last year has been a blur. While I have catalogued all the best and worst moments in my mind, it still feels like no time has passed. Now, Alexander is an enthusiastic, happy, curious little boy who loves to explore and loves to read his books. He sleeps well and eats well and I don't know if we could have even asked for more. His Grandparents and I took him to the Shanghai aquarium today and he loved every second. It was a joy to watch his eyes dart from fish to fish, discovering a whole world he'd only seen on a page in a book. He even correctly identified a ray as it swam overhead in a glass tunnel. I am a proud papa.