Sunday, March 13, 2011

A change gonna come...

Usually people use a phrase like that to indicate some kind of a makeover for a site. I just thought it would be a good way to describe this post's content.

We received our next posting and we will be heading to Tegucigalpa, Honduras come Summer 2012. It was definitely a surprise as we had mentally written it off in favor of a number of other posts on our bid list. After a couple of days saying "Hunh, Honduras..." We have righted our mental ships and are looking to the Winter when we return to Washington D.C. for training and some much needed America time. Xander will be a healthy distance past one year old and will be ready to start the adventure of becoming bilingual.

After the rather epic experience of learning Mandarin Chinese, learning Spanish seems like a breeze. It is an amazing turn from a time where I thought learning one language seemed like an incredibly difficult concept. Thankfully as Americans we are inundated with Spanish in our daily lives. I personally already had an intensive dose back in College, so turning that part of my brain back on shouldn't be terribly difficult. Plus, every single owner's manual I have has an Espanol section so it isn't like I am lacking in practice materials!

I don't what the coverage of the Japan earthquake has been like in the United States, but here in China, it is unrelenting. I am utterly stunned by the scope of the devastation. I really feel I can't say anymore other than my heart is with the Japanese and I hope peace and order returns to their lives as soon as possible. Hour after hour we find a new story of tragedy that rips the heart open anew.