Wednesday, February 25, 2009

" Welcome to the Matrix" part two

As I am incapable of blogging on a daily basis, I will just start labeling cohesively themed posts in parts.

Not much to report today. Oklahoma was a great visit and I ingested far too much Chocolate sheet cake. Go back, reread that again. You did not read what you think you read. My nephew is getting bigger every time I go back. He has quite a personality too. Like his uncle and his father, he has too much energy and a complete lack of attention. Thumbs up!

Tomorrow we hit the road for the rest of our journey Eastward. We plan on reaching Louisville where mint juleps better be waiting for us in the hotel or I'm knocking them a star in any review I give them. We are taking the southern route on I-64 so we can drive the Blue Ridge mountains on the last day. It should be beautiful. First time I hear a banjo though I am laying on the gas until I see big marble columns.

Special note for Dustin: Bobby Jindal sounds exactly like Kenneth from 30 Rock. I am very, very sorry.

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