Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Welcome to the Matrix' part four- Upload complete

Home... kind of. Sort of.

More like "Home?". Or I'm Ron Burgundy?

We are wiped out after 15 days on the road and very little to call our own except the car and all the clothes we jammed in it. When you find out your life is about to become that of a suburban nomad, you re-evaluate your collection of household possessions fairly quickly. The scenic route through the Blue Ridge was scuttled due to bad weather concerns. We ended up hitting the beltway much earlier than expected. No problems checking in early though so we didn't have to sit outside the building for three hours and stare at our future residence.

Right now neither of us is able to reasonably evaluate our feelings because we are just too tired. Tomorrow should open up some more chances for exploration. I'm really looking forward to that. We also have a party to go to with members of Meg's training class. I am really curious to meet this group as this is going to be our social group for the rest of training and until we get posted.

Right now I'm hanging out watching the Kanye West Storytellers on VH1. It is a great show. I have always been a borderline Kanye fan. I always enjoyed a song here and there. I finally broke down and bought 808's and Heartbreak after his SNL performance. It was an amazing live set and he showcased a master touch. He is one of the few performers who pushes past the boundaries of his genre to break new ground and really innovate.

He is a mercurial guy. I love him for his spectacular work and then I vilify him for his childish arrogance and outbursts. It is interesting because he apologized for all the tantrums at award shows and the self-perceived lack of respect. He still seems as narcissistic as ever, but he also seems far more mature and self aware. I think he gets the joke that is the life that accompanies celebrity. He is an iconoclast to be sure and I do enjoy having him around to push those boundaries and test everyone's perception of hip-hop and life in general.

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