Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Welcome to the Matrix' day one

Technically this is the fourth day of travel but the first of the this refurbished blog.

Welcome to our world. My name is Ryan, my wife's name is Meg. She is a diplomat, I am her husband. Now when people ask what I do I think I will have to refer to myself as Professional Luggage until I come up with something better. She recently accepted a post as a Foreign Service Officer for the State Department and after all the background checks and physicals, we are now on our way to Washington D.C. so she can commence training.

I had been the administrator for a comic store/website in Anaheim, CA up until two weeks ago. My life was filled with a lovely haze of toys and customer service issues. I am going to miss that place very much and will make occasional shout outs to the gang there. Much of these will consist of how I need to 'punch someone in their face', or how something is 'Navy Seals!' these are jesting references that you may pay little heed to.

Previously this blog consisted of ramblings about toys and other pop culture. Now we have added a travel element as I blog about the life we have undertaken and the strange adventures I shall undergo to keep myself employed and entertained in various capacities. Beware: I shall still rant about toys and pop culture. My inner nerd knows no rest. Frankly my inner nerd is an outer nerd, so I don't know why I bother concealing it.

We have been on the road for four days as we make the long journey from California to D.C. We stopped off at the Grand Canyon for our first two days and soaked up the sites at the National Park at what can only be considered a down time before Spring school trips start arriving en masse. I had never been to the Grand Canyon so this was a real treat. Sunset at the Canyon is hard to beat and we are taking away a lot of video and photos of a large hole in the ground. It was far more moving and romantic than I just made it sound.

Day two was a heavy driving day as we plowed through the remainder of Arizona and the whole of New Mexico to end up in Amarillo for the night. Not much to report from day two other than a man who thought Meg might be available and then scrambled to cover his pick-up attempt when I walked up to her at a rest stop. He then proceeded to encourage us to gamble at one of the many fine Indian Casinos in the area just outside Albuquerque.

Day four sees us relaxing in Oklahoma City for a couple of days visiting my family before we journey off to Kansas City to see hers. I'll take the downtime I can get because even though I am unemployed for now, I have a feeling their will be no lack of things to keep me busy as we set up our new life as public servants. Well, one public servant and her professional luggage.

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