Sunday, February 27, 2011

OSCARS 2011!!!

I think I finally get to watch the Oscars after last years debacle left me wildly unsatisfied. In China you get the Golden Globes and the Grammy's, but not the Oscars. So this year, STAR Movies made a special point of covering the awards and here we are.

I am not a fan of the 10 best picture category as I think it lets in some films that have no business being considered and splitting the votes from the creme de la creme. However, you do get the much needed omissions that end up getting rewarded in Screenplay and Director's categories.

James Franco doesn't really seem to care that he is hosting. Weird. Anne Hathaway is throwing herself into every joke.

Best Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland takes the bald dude. Awkward acceptance where the guy puts a tiny mad hatter hat on the statue.

Best Cinematography: True Grit is the favorite here...

Wally Pfister for Inception! Wow, what an upset. I wonder if Inception will clean up in all it's other categories. After this, Pfister goes onto the next Batman movie.

We're back...

They roll out Kirk Douglas to remind everyone that he is indeed Spartacus. He is presenting best supporting actress.

Really strong category as always. Amy Adams continues to be the most consistently awesome actress working today. Melissa Leo was also great in The Fighter. I thought Hailee Steinfeld was good, but not the revelation everyone else said she was. Douglas has hijacked the awards...

Melissa Leo for The Fighter! Great win for an actress who has paid her f'n dues. She looks great. She is just completely overwhelmed by the moment. Every actor dreams about this ...OH she dropped the F-bomb! Congrats Melissa! She and Kirk need to go on the road.

Back to awkward humor from Franco and Anne. BTW, James Franco may only be referred to as Franco from now on. Got to keep the meta up.

Timberlake is evidently Banksy.

What are Kunis and Timberlake talking about? Stupid inside jokes.

Best Animated short: The Lost Thing.

Sorry, had to warm a bottle. Great acceptance speech.

Best animated feature:

Toy Story 3's to lose.

Annnnnd... Toy Story 3. Pixar just keeps knocking them down. Suck it Dreamworks!


Back again, a look at the first "Aren't we awesome awards".

Bardem and Brolin in matching tuxes. Odd. Bardem...oddest looking-good looking man.

Best adapted screenplay: Has to go to Social Network. Sorkin's dialogue is always razor sharp...

Boom, Social Network. Aaron Sorkin in his first win. Camera lingers on Jessie Eisenberg lovingly.

Best original Screenplay: King's Speech... David Seidler (Sp?) Yes, spelled correctly.
Great speech from an old pro. I get pissed when their speeches get interrupted by the producers telling them to wrap it up. Why? So I can watch more montages and awkward comedy that no one in the viewing audience gets? It is an award show! Let them talk!


Hey, Anne Hathaway sings, let's have her waste time and sing!

Ah, Franco in a dress...

And token Charlie Sheen joke.

Russel Brand, Great British Comedian of the moment.

Best Foreign Language Film:

Oscar goes to... In a Better World, Denmark. This was the favorite. A film about the human process of revenge and anger. I really want to see this.

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