Sunday, February 27, 2011


Technical awards. So underrated. I love those guys...and Franco just destroyed their achievement...Nice.

Makeup achievement:

...Rick Baker and the Wolfman crew! Too bad the movie wasn't better.

Costume design: Alice in Wonderland?

Yep, Coleen Atwood. I don't know how she wouldn't have been selected. When she goes big, she is amazing. I really loved the King's Speech costumes though. Obviously they weren't as flashy, but they were so spot on and comprehensive.

Best song:

Montage of people talking about their favorite songs somewhere in LA. Oh, surprise Obama clip touting As Time Goes By...

Spacey breaks into song, claims to be Clooney... and introduces the first nominated song. Randy Newman again. What is an Oscar telecast without a Randy Newman song? Refreshing, that's what.

Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi for Tangled. Who new Levi could sing like that? hunh.

Annd break!

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