Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup Fever! Catch it! (WARNING: may cause spousal irritation)

Welcome to the third-place game, or "Does anyone feel like showing up to claim the $10 winning lottery ticket?".

As my friend said; "Ugh, more cousin kissin..."

Just kidding, I'm still excited for this game. Although it looks like a lot of the German squad is out with the flu. That is really unfortunate especially if they lose to see them go out in that fashion. Even their coach Joachim Loewe has been hit with the bug meaning he may not even attend. Uruguay is back to full strength with Luis Suarez back from suspension.

Obviously both teams in this match will be looking to salvage something besides a good performance from this Cup. Germany has the most upside leaving the tournament, but Uruguay should be commended for rebuilding their national program and even getting to this point. It's nice to see them recover form and return to the tournament that would not really have existed if not for their amazing teams from the 1920's.

I could probably handicap this one if I tried, but I don't know who is playing or even who is coaching so it would feel a bit forced. I'm going to sit back and enjoy this one as I milk the last 3 hours of World Cup left before I'm left with an empty feeling until the Premiere League kicks off in August. Tomorrow I plan on doing one really big post to preview the final match.

LeBron James to Miami, I say meh...

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