Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup Fever! Catch it! (WARNING: may cause spousal irritation)

You might think that Bastion Schweinsteiger or Thomas Muller get man of the match for their amazing performance against Argentina. Nope, my man of the match goes to Per Mertesacker for this...


Then what did he do? He calmly turned towards his goalkeeper and slapped five for sackin' up. In a game where people like to hit the ground for getting sneezed on, Per really earned some respect. Unfortunately, it does not stop the odd font on the back of his jersey from making his name appear to be Meatesacker. Although, Meatesacker would be a perfect name for a defender. Just, you know, rather unfortunate...

No more posts today, but tomorrow I may get to my young players of the tournament which is essentially a preview for the 2014 World Cup.

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